Global Reach

We are committed to identifying your international needs and designing an individualized program that works best for you.

Through Travel Leaders network, we are well prepared to design an individualized international program that best suits your travel management needs.  Orchids’ partnership with Travel Leaders network enables us to offer a full range of specialized quality travel management services along with consolidated reports for your global travel management program.

Travel Leaders network

As an associate of Travel Leaders network in India, we are taking corporate travel management to the next level and beyond. Through our participation, we provide our clients with effective and cost-efficient solutions to the complex problems of international travel. The Travel Leaders network alliance combines local service expertise and experience, cultural sensitivity, and enormous buying power, and true global reach. The Travel Leaders network is organized into four main regions: Americas, Europe (EMEA), and Asia/Pacific. Advanced travel technologies allow the alliance to consolidate global data and enhance traveler productivity. Client travel needs are managed by a central account manager who works to guarantee high quality services are provided consistently and cost-effectively regardless of location. 

Consolidated Reporting  

We can provide you with a consolidated report of your worldwide travel data. 

International Tariff Specialists  

We offer a team of in-house international tariff specialists with years of faring experience. 

External Rate Desk Consultation  

We maintain membership to a third-party International Rate Desk, which is available for additional input on creative faring to obtain substantial savings for you on international tickets. 

Customized Service  

Whatever your specific international needs, we will work with you to develop the most effective and efficient international travel program for your company.




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