Orchid's technology systems are designed around one central theme: to maximize the value-added services for our clients!

We have combined the power of information with electronic communication to bring you efficient and cost-saving travel solutions.  Through our interactive web site you can access your entire personalized itinerary, as well as travel directions, weather, and tourist sights.  Other tools are also available that alert you to travel news and advisory updates, process your passports and visas when traveling to another country, and notify you of changes to your scheduled flight via a text message to e-mail, pager, or mobile phone.

Automated Quality Control  

Our Automated Quality Control System (QC) checks each reservation for lowest available airfares, waitlist clearance, seat clearance and itinerary integrity.

QualityCheck – audits every reservation for its integrity, completeness and compliance with corporate policy and preferred vendors, with over 150 user-definable quality checks.

SeatMaster – compares traveler seating preferences against their reserved seat and availability and will automatically re-book preferred seats as they become available. 

FaxMaster/E-mailMaster – automatically faxes or e-mails confirmation of an existing itinerary with a detailed itinerary (Itinerary Confirmation) within 24 hours of booking new reservations, or faxes or e-mails a list of flight schedules and airfares (Flight Options) for an upcoming trip. 

Security Protocol  

Our Security Protocol system tracks travelers by itineraries from redundant databases, number of passengers on the same flight, number of passengers in the same city on a given date range and communicates to travelers with real-time updates. Prior to travel we communicate State Department warnings and advisories, entry requirements, visa information and foreign protocol. 

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